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Specific Practice Areas

In addition to representing clients in complex personal injury and medical malpractice litigation, some of the other specific practice areas in which the attorneys in this department have a long record of experience and success are:

  • Premises liability
    • Hazardous conditions on property
    • Dangerous persons or animals
  • Defective products
    • Medical and prosthetic devices
    • Automobiles
    • Chemical products
  • Constitutional and civil rights violations
    • Police chase liability
    • Inmate medical care
    • Law enforcement misconduct
  • Violations of the False Claims Act by companies receiving funds from the United States Government (fraud against the Government)
    • Government contractor fraud
    • Medicare, Tricare/CHAMPUS and other medical insurance-related fraud
  • Business litigation matters, including:
    • Construction and real estate development
    • Contract disputes
    • Complex litigation
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